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California native, Adam Grossman is a well established veteran of the Orange County music & surf scene. He has spent over a decade in the Action Sports and Music Industries, mastering the art of guerrilla/grassroots marketing.

In 2009, Adam put focus on philanthropy where he developed and contributed to the development of several “on” and “off-line” programs and campaigns for celebrities and organizations outside of “The Orange Curtain”, including Al Unser, Jr., Johns Hopkins, The Backstreet Boys, Rob Thomas and Sidewalk Angels, Carnie Wilson and Joe Morgan, and more...

Adam’s studio credits include sessions with Greg Hetson (Bad Religion/ Circle Jerks), and producers/engineers Steve Kravac and Jim Monroe. As a composer, Adam has written music for the Sony/ATV/Getty Images Spin City Music Library and his compositions have been featured on A&E, Biography, LOGO networks and others...

As a drummer,Adam has toured in the US a few times,  played with dozens of cool bands and musical friends.

He has a pretty cool home studio and is able to deliver high quality drum tracks at a steal.  During the last few months dealing with  Covid lockdowns,  Adam has been able to fine tune his game and delivered almost 100 tracks to various artists across the globe.

He's not pigeon-holed to any one style and has been known to bring the right feeling to every track that's been put in front of him.


In addition to his drumming skills, he is not shy to other instruments or vox and is known to produce a few of his own gems, as well as tracks for others.

If you are a producer, band, or a bedroom studio warrior, hit him up.


He's easy!

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