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Custom Drum Tracks

Starting around $35*

Single file stereo mix *

1. Contact Me

Email me with all of your project’s details along with an mp3. I'll give you an exact quote to provide you with the right vibe that you are looking for. If I cannot, I'll let ya know.

2. Send me your song in a WAV or mp3

3. Drum tracks will be created just for your track

The file that you send must have either a click track or computerized drums on a separate track with a 1 measure lead in. Please include BPM. Send the WAV file via WeTransfer or DropBox.

Your tracked drum session will be recorded and edited. It could take 3-5 days. However, I've been known to turn out a solid track in hours.

4. You approve the session

Once the drum session is recorded, a reference file mix will be sent to you with unprocessed drum tracks for you to approve and comment on. One revision will be made at no charge so that you are 100% satisfied with the session.  The files are yours!

5. All Done

Once you approve the session, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Once payment is received, I will send you a link via WeTransfer or DropBox for you to download the high-quality drum track files.



David Hill


Adam has been playing drums on some of my tracks. In fact, he has been playing drums on a lot of my friends tracks as well. Getting so that when ever a set comes in no one gets in his way, or drops in! A fantastic drummer and generous mate indeed, as well as a song writer singer in his own section! I know every one is stoked! We are thankful!


Jay Stollman


I've known Adam for quite some time and we've worked musically together on several levels. His ability to feel a track and apply just the right vibe, in order to bring a song to life is a gift.


Ray Jenkins


Top drummer and top bloke. I feel like I've known him years. He's an ugly git though, but has nailed the feel of dozens of tracks that I've worked with him on. Always on time and always delivers!


Guy Thackham


 Adam is professional, reliable, a super cool and kinda dude and most importantly an ace drummer who can turn his hand to any genre!


If you need session drums on your song look no further Adam is your man!


Arthur Mook


This guy gets it right every time! We've worked on a bunch of stuff and I am always impressed with the professional yet informal relationship which really opens the doors for some impressive collaboration! Right from the get go I knew this guy would be easy to work with and that he would deliver results - and I was right!


Scott Myers


Drums have always been the most difficult and time consuming part of recording as a solo artist. Either hours spent programming or canned tracks that sound lifeless. Adam's drum tracks add a whole new dimension to my music.

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